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Insurance Solutions for Small Businesses and Individuals

Many people will take the time to insure their home, their car and their personal belongings. But what about insuring the two things that are most important – your life and your health?

When you insure your life and health what you’re really doing is insuring the income that supports your lifestyle, as well as your ability to earn an income.

Health & Dental Insurance

Purchasing the right health benefit plan will provide you with peace of mind.

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Life & Mortgage Insurance

Life insurance, whether it is mortgage life insurance or personal life insurance, can remove the “what if?”.

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Travel Insurance

You cannot afford to leave home without it! Travel insurance is essential and affordable.

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Custom Designed Health & Dental Plans for Peace of Mind

Purchasing the right health benefit plan will provide you with peace of mind. You will not have to worry about an illness or injury that could result in thousands of dollars in medical or dental expenses that are not covered by your government health insurance plan. And, if you are self-employed or own a small business, health and dental premiums may be a non-taxable benefit for employees and a tax deductible business expense for business owners. For others, the premiums may qualify as a medical expense and create a tax credit.

Protect your Family’s Standard of Living with Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your family’s standard of living if you pass away. Death isn’t something that we normally like to think about, but when it comes to protecting your family from a mountain of debt, it’s a subject that should definitely be discussed. If you were to pass away, would your spouse be prepared – and financially capable – to shoulder a mortgage all on his or her own? Life insurance removes the “what if?”, and provides the peace of mind that if something were ever to happen to you, then your family will be financially secure.