Frequently Asked Questions

Q. – Why do I need extra health coverage? What’s missing from my Provincial Health Insurance Plan?

A. – Provincial and territorial health insurance plans have their limitations, and it’s important to know how far your health card will go in paying for the care you need, when you need it. Your provincial health plan only covers the services of physicians and medical facilities like labs, x-rays, CT scans, surgeries & basic hospital rooms. Coverage for drugs, dental care and assistive devices such as eyeglasses and hearing aids are very limited or non-existent in government health care plans. If you require these other services and did not have an extended health plan, you would have to pay out of your own pocket.

Q. – Is there a waiting period before I can make use of my private Insurance coverage?

A. – Usually there is a waiting period. Coverage can start as early as the first day of the month after the acceptance of you application.

Q. – Do I have to pass a medical examination?

A. – Some insurers do require this but most will only require that you complete a medical questionnaire and submit it for review along with your application. Certain preexisting medical conditions may not be covered.

Q. – Do pre-existing medical conditions affect my ability to purchase Insurance?

A. – Yes. However, some plans have a number of alternative coverage options for those with some pre-existing medical conditions.

Q. – How does the health care provider get paid?

A. – At the time of your appointment you pay them for the services performed. You then submit your receipt to the insurer for reimbursement.  Many health care providers can electronically submit a detailed bill to the insurer. The insurer will immediately confirm your coverage and process the insured portion for reimbursement. The cheque for this will be sent directly to you or, for even faster reimbursement, you can arrange for direct-deposit.

Q. – What methods of payment are available?

A. – Premiums can be electronically debited from a bank account that you designate. Some plans offer credit card payment and Air Miles.