Travel Insurance

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

The last thing that anyone expects is a medical emergency while they are away from home. Unfortunately when these events happen they can be catastrophically expensive.

An emergency hospital visit in the USA can result in a bill worth tens of thousands of dollars and payment is due immediately. If you don’t pay then you don’t get medical attention. It is the same situation in all other countries that you may travel to.

Perhaps you will need immediate surgery or medical transport in order to return to Canada. Maybe your family will have a prolonged stay in a hotel while they wait for you. What about getting your vehicle back to your home? The financial burden can be immense.

Who will pay those bills?

Your Provincial health care plans do not provide any out-of-country medical coverage and only limited coverage inter-provincially.

Travel Insurance is designed to pay your medical expenses while you are travelling outside your home province.

You cannot afford to leave home without it!

Some health & dental plans have travel coverage included in them. These are usually for a limited period of time. Individual travel insurance can be purchased to top-up this coverage to make sure that you are covered every day that you are outside of Canada.  You can also purchase travel insurance for the entire travel period if you have no other coverage. Some pre-existing health conditions may not be insurable.

Travel insurance is essential and affordable.